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Follow the links for the instruction manuals that you require. Please email or phone if the manual you are looking for is not shown.

Tinley Manuals

NMEA2000 Change Over Switch
Gravity Change Over Switch Manual
NMEA Old2New Manual
USB Merge Computer Manual
USB Merge Computer Installation
DLA1 Digital Load Cell Amplifier Manual
DLA1 Digital Load Cell Amplifier Display Manual
DLA1 Digital Load Cell Amplifier Display Installation
DLA1 Display with multiple Amplifiers
Diverse NMEA Load Amp to Stowe Dataline GX Installation
Diverse NMEA Load Amp to TackTick Installation
CAN Bus 2000 Engine Gateway Installation
NMEA to 4-20mA Converter Installation
Paddlewheel to UWU Installation
Paddlewheel to UWU NMEA Installation
Rudder Installation
Rudder NMEA Installation
Rudder 4 Installation
Hornet 4 NMEA Installation
Hornet 4 NMEA USB Manual
Hornet 4 NMEA USB Installation
Proportional Valve Interface
NMEA to B&G MHU Installation
NMEA-360 Installation
NMEA-B&G Syncro Compass Installation
Merger Installation
New Paddlewheel to Stowe Installation
Sailtron Rudder Installation
LOG 2 SPEED Installation
Wind Speed old 60kt-new 50kt synchro Installation
NMEA - Rudder Synchro Installation
Talking Compass Connection diagram
Keel Display Installation
Proportional Valve Interface Installation
Tacho Installation
NMEA Mast Rotation Converter Installation
Stowe Masthead Unit on B&G System

Tinley Drivers

Tinley USB Driver (Also works with our Stowe products)

B&G User Manuals


WTP3 User Manual
WTP2 User Manual


H3000 Instrument Handbook
H3000 Pilot Handbook


Deckman Operator Manual

H2000 hydra & Hercules

Hercules User Manual
Hydra User Manual
New H2000 User Manual (s/n H374001 onwards)
HS2000 User Manual
Old H2000 Autopilot User Manual (pre July 2004)
H2000 Autopilot User Manual
RemoteVision User Manual
RaceVision2 User Manual
Ultrasonic Speed User Manual
FFD Quick Reference Guide
Halcyon FFD User Guide


H1000 English User Manual
H1000 English Autopilot User Manual
H1000 English Autopilot Install
H1000 English CND User Manual
H1000 Display Install
H1000 3FD Install
H1000 Analogue Install
H1000 Compass Install
H1000 S-D 'B' Interface Box
H1000 Speed Depth Interface Box
H1000 Wind Interface Box Install
H1000 NMEA Interface Install
H1000 Field Programmer Device User Manual


Network Nav User Manual
Network Autopilot User Manual
Network Autopilot Installation Manual
Network Quad User Manual
Network Speed User Manual
Network Depth User Manual
Network Wind User Manual
Network Tack User Manual
Network Data User Manual
Network Compass User Manual
Network GPS User Manual
Network Engine User Manual
Network VHF User Manual

Previous Systems

Hydra PLC Pilot connetions
190 User Manual
20/20 User Manual
390 User Manual
Focus Speedsounder
Focus Windwatch
Focus Windwatch Speedsounder Wiring
Focus Pilot Wiring
LCD Chart Plotter
LCD Elite Chart Plotter
Helmstar Autopilot
Harrier 6
Hornet 4
Hecta Hornet Depth
Hecta M200DS
Nav Aid Manual
NMEA FFD User Manual
Shut-Off Valve
Sonic Speed Installation
Super Halcyon 3 User Manual